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April 30, 2011
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   Romano exited the stupid club, not really feeling better at all. America could have his brother (who he wasn't really sure existed) if he damn well wanted to. Prussia…God dammit he'd had sex with Germany! How fucking unfair! And the rest were as alone as he was.
   He began thinking about the damn potato bastards again. It wasn't that he wanted to have sex with his brother (not that it wouldn't be totally hot and perfect) but he wanted his brother to actually love him. He could trick Italy into sex, but he'd still be absolutely alone.
   Italy didn't even like Romano. He knew Italy was still inhumanely nice to him, but his brother was just like that. One person's inhumanely nice was Italy's annoyance and dislike (not hate, though. Was it even possible for Italy to hate?)
   And Romano just kept loathing his life as he walked headfirst into someone on the way home, shutting his eyes in pain.
   "Dammit! Watch where you're going you little bastard!"
   "I-I'm sorry fratello!!!"
   "ITALY?" He opened his eyes to see his brother already sobbing. "Dammit, what's wrong now?"
   "I'm sorry fratello!"
   "Wahh! Ve!"
   Italy went silent, too scared to say more.
   "Veneziano, what happened?"
   "You got mad."
   "I ran into you so you yelled at me."
   "Fratello, I was just surprised. Dammit, you know I do that."
   "But fratello, I don't like it when you yell!"
   Romano opened his mouth, about to apologize for the first time ever, but then something completely different happened. "Dammit, those fucking potato bastards are coming."
   Italy turned around, seeing his boyfriend and boyfriend's brother.
   "Doitsu, doitsu!" he called, running up to the damn countries.
   He hugged the broad-chested German, probably feeling safe and secure. Damn it! Damn it all!
   Prussia walked passed them, body tensed in anger.
   "I have a plan," he said to Romano quietly, so as their brothers wouldn't hear.
   "I bet it sucks."
   "Hey, it's awesome!"
   "Whatever. We don't have much of a choice, so dammit I guess I have to follow along."
   Prussia smiled. "Perfect."
   Italy and his precious 'doitsu' came walking back and Romano smiled darkly. Germany, you're goin' down.
   "Hey, West," Prussia smiled. "can I tell you something quick?"
   His brother came over, standing a foot in front of his brother.
   "Bruder, come closer."
   His brother came about a step closer, making Prussia frown.
   Finally, he just walked up to his brother, whispering hotly on his ear. "I have a secret."
   Germany closed his eyes, otherwise unmoving.
   "The truth," Prussia smiled. "Is I'm not over you."
   He smashed his lips to Germany's, grabbing his crotch.
   Italy watched them, head cocked to the side, a confused expression on his face.
   "Veneziano," Romano tried to sound sympathetic. "I know this must be hard-"
   "Why would it be hard?"
   Romano paused, confused. "Because your boyfriend is kissing his brother?"
   "But I kiss you, fratello."
   "Yes, but…Italy you're not getting Germany back."
   "Dammit, that's just how this works! Give the damn bastard up already!"
   Italy's eyes filled with tears. "Fra-fra-fratello!"
  "Dammit, I'm sorry, okay! But give it up!"
   "Then who will hold me and make me safe?"
   Romano clenched his fists. Dammit he wanted to scream!
   Instead, he pushed Italy roughly against a tree and kissed him.
   After a moment he pulled away. "Dammit, how did that make you feel?"
   "Roma, will you do that thing at night like Germany does where you shove your c-"
   "YES, YES, ITALY, I WILL." Damn, he did NOT want to hear about that. "Ti amo, Italy."
   "Ti amo, fratello."
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